Who we are

The Happiness Road Tour (HappyRT) is a movement dedicated to bringing an inspired evening of outstanding entertainment and talk to major cities everywhere to encourage people to spread happiness in their homes, communities and to the world-at-large.

The mission

To ensure every person has the means to be happy and the power to make others happy, too.

How we work

  1. We are creating a social movement of people who are committed to making this world a better place by improving their wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around them through a happy word, thought and action.
  2. We will be using donations to support the Happiness Road Tour to major cities. Each city on the tour will have identified a local charity of choice from which a percentage of ticket sales will go. Local acts and presenters will be part of the show's lineup in each city that is on the HappyRT.
  3. As the movement grows, more cities will be added to the Happiness Road Tour.

Why Happiness Road Tour?

"To believe in all the good in the world, to be inspired by it and let it fill your heart and mind and spread far and wide, first, you have to see it. You have to see the good to believe the good. That's all we want to do with the HappyRT -- show the good. It will rise and expand from there."
— Valerie Alexander

"For whatever universal reason, the Happiness Road Tour idea came to me and firmly compelled me to follow it through to fruition. I am a believer in its power to encourage people to be good and to do good." — Kita Szpak

"We all want to experience happiness. But in the hustle and bustle of daily life we neglect the pursuit of happiness or think it's not possible to achieve. The Happiness Road Tour is an opportunity for people to come together in one place to celebrate the wonder of life and be inspired to lead their life to the fullest."
— Dr. Frank Niles

"My main interest in being a part of the HappyRT is to help people from all walks of life tap into their inner source of happiness! Yes, everyone can be happy and SHOULD be happy! There is something that we all can do right now to gain happiness, no matter what physical or emotional state we are in, and that's making a decision to be happy! It starts today and through positive affirmations and actions, I feel we can build a life of happiness within us and around us, as a natural part of our everyday existence. I am honored to be part of the founding committee for the HappyRT because this is the beginning for so many people around the world and the revitalization for others in discovering their importance and uniqueness that they have to offer this world. The Happiness Revolution is here and it's time to live life with meaning and on purpose!"
— Douglas Haddad

"I am interested in the celebration, inspiration, and knowledge that The Happiness Road Tour intends to share through stories, music/entertainment, education and giving back to the community with the universal goal of happiness." — Chris Holmes

The Happiness Road Tour (HappyRT)

has been created by happiness expert, author and speaker Kita Szpak as a result of her online telesummit interviews with experts in the fields of parenting, psychology, spirituality, leadership, health, education, media and business excellence.

A core planning team has been formed with the objective to launch the first HappyRT event in 2018. It will take the form of a ticketed evening event with an emcee presenting top-notch entertainment interspersed with inspirational messaging in a comfortable, stylish venue. Hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be served in the lounge-like, interactive setting and it will create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Guest experts will host each audience table. A local charity will receive a percentage of the ticket sales. The line-up will also include local performers and personalities.

The overall goal is to expand the Happiness Road Tour to major cities everywhere. It's a happiness movement for adults. Those who experience this evening will go away encouraged, inspired and motivated to do good – in their families, their work place, their networks, and their communities to make this a better and happier world for all of us.


It starts with you - thinking about and deciding to be positive then spreading that positivity to others. We're here to support you. Talk about the Happiness Road Tour to your friends and family. And join us – we'd love to have another person on the tour who wants to make a difference. I want to be a player too.

Do good

Do something good at home, in the office, at place of worship, at the coffee shop, at your parents' place, downtown, while you're driving, at the gym, in the community: doesn't matter, big or small.

Get involved

  1. Join the Happiness Road Tour and get access to the Resources page where you’ll find the people who know a lot about all things happy. Get updates on HappyRT and its 2018 debut.
  2. Start a HappyRT crew in your area and enlist your city to be part of the tour.
  3. Become a HappyRT Gig Partner by donating your time, resources and/or funds to growing this movement beyond your community. Contact HappyRT here.

Meet the Team

Kita Szpak

Kita Szpak

Founder HappyRT, Happiness Expert, Author, Speaker


Dr. Frank Niles

Founder of Niles Performance Group, "Zest" expert, Professor at University


Valerie Alexander

Happiness Coach, Author, Speaker, Filmmaker


Douglas Haddad

Author & Educator


Janet Castiel

Founder and CEO of Redwood Entertainment


Chris Holmes

Holmeswood, Musician, Actor


Join the Happiness Road Tour Debut in 2018

An evening of inspiration, entertainment and meaningful connection that will help spread happiness!

It starts with you.

For further information and sponsorship inquiries, contact Kita Szpak at